Sandrine et Stéphane BRIDAY


Founded in 1976 by Michel and Lucette Briday from 6.5 Ha, we run the operation now has 15 hectares in the municipalities of Rully, Bouzeron and Mercurey.

Our vision of Burgundy wines is simple:

The wine is made in the vineyard.

Each region is unique. Must be respected in order to provide complexity, richness and minerality. It is in this spirit that we reduce the maximum inputs in viticulture.

The health of the grapes must be as perfect as possible to produce balanced wines whose fruit explodes.

We intervene as little as possible to meet each local winery and wine making each one unique product.

Our goal is to control the quality to offer, whatever the vintage, the best of our wines.

The reception area is part of the traditions to which we are deeply committed.

- Sandrine et Stéphane Briday -

Domaine Michel BRIDAY
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